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We’ve done over 700 digital marketing campaigns in more than 40 countries around the world. We’ve served our clients with hundreds of thousands of new business contacts that generated millions of dollars in revenue. We’re so commited to the success of our campaigns that we bet it ALL on them.

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Success Stories

Wall Street English
Wall Street English

English Course

25.000 qualified contacts in 2014

Brief: Wall Street English was interested on getting people to know more about their courses.

Work: First we developed multiple campaigns - with focus on A/B testing - with the purpose to get to know the WSE users and offer them the best experience. Than we use the best campaign to gather the most qualified contacts.



flight tickets

10.000 qualified contacts in 3 months

Brief: TAP wanted to get more users, from 9 different countries, to subscribe their offers and promotions newsletter.

Work: We define an integrated strategy where the GSP e-mail marketing was a very important tool for the success of this marketing action.


"Sales Engine Online has been one of our main drivers to the increase of newsletter subscribers on our database. This factor has contributed for the significant improvement of the results on our promotional actions, on multiple markets, since due to this solutions we’ve been able to increase our local notoriety". Carlos Paneiro, Comercial Diretor TAP Portugal



Exponential increase in sales in 2015

Brief: Prosegur wanted to find users that were interested in scheduling a commercial visit and have an alarm installation in their home.

Work: We define with the client different approaches for the campaigns, were the creative issue was allways on top of mind. This experience, has been, so far, a fantastic journey.

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